Nestled on the hilltop of an old Jordanian village and enclosed within the stone walls of an ancient settlement is Kan Zamaan—Arabic for once upon a time. Kan Zamaan was once the focal point of Khirbet Abu Jaber, an isolated rural area developed by merchant brothers for farming and ranching. The impressive 19th century estate—dating back to Ottoman rule—served as an agricultural warehouse and a horse barn before succumbing to ruin.

The heritage estate’s 21st century renovation into a restaurant incorporates this golden past into the modern, perfectly balancing the old and new. Today, Kan Zamaan is a distinguished landmark that sheds a new light on its cultural and historic legacy, as it continues to delight local food lovers with its unique, authentic oriental and local cuisine garnished with forgotten flavors.

The restaurant’s stable transformed elegant dining room features a lavish Oriental spread alongside a wide selection of fine oriental cold and hot mezze, a signature center stage live chargrill for all of our mouthwatering chargrilled meats, and a selection of local inspired dishes. We also serve delectable grilled and salt baked fresh seafood, fresh bread, and signature clay roasted dishes. Our pastry chefs also prepare a selection of tempting desserts, boasting our one-of-a-kind live knafeh, prepared table side by our skilled chefs.

Oriental and local cuisine, authentic flavors, artisan food, art, music and culture; all find their home within the ancient walls of Kan Zamaan.

The legacy of once upon a time is now present…